Amopé Pedicure Commercial

I was recently casted through my Boston agency, Models Club Inc. for a commercial using a pedicure product. I have recently been getting a lot of work regarding “foot modeling”. This market of modeling was so strange to me.. Mainly because I didn’t know it existed.

I thought “…really? you want my feet!?” in the most surprised and flattered way… I have definitely never filmed a foot commercial and have since learned to move every toe individually and become familiar with every muscle in my foot and ankle. I swear it’s more work than it looks!

I had to eat very low sodium foods a couple days before and drink at minimum 2 gallons of water per day. I learned the first place water usually retains is your feet… and that is definitely not something you want happening when all the attention is on your feet.
Myself and the male model had the makeup artist airbrush our feet and majority of our legs to hide any imperfections. (Also a first to have makeup on my feet)

The production staff was extremely fun, professional, and made the experience very pleasant. I did have a scene with another male model. We walked in blind knowing nothing about our scene for the day, however, we were both excited to be there and filming. I had time to meet the male model and get acquainted. There was a room behind two pull out doors ( I knew we were filming in there, but did not know the set content) I assumed it was another wet to dry shower scene showing the diversity with Amopé. Finally it’s camera time. The director pulls open the doors and all me and the male model see is a bed full of roses. Of course we look at each other laughing.. what we thought was two separate male and female shower scenes for the wet and dry uses…. was actually a romantic bed scene. A curve ball we were both not expecting.

We anxiously awaited our script and direction. Luckily, we had a great production staff and successful day of filming aside from out minor surprise!

It’s not every day you show up to shoot a pedicure commercial and see a bed full of roses! ♥

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Posted by Amopé on Monday, February 8, 2016

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