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Joshua Paull is a Tampa, Florida based photographer who uses mainly natural lighting to capture incredible images. As you can see the lighting is soft, natural, very light/subtle editing, and has an overall great composition.

We ended up shooting in Malibu, California on one of the most breathtaking beaches I have ever stepped foot on. There was about 1/2 mile of deserted beach with about 30 various rock formations and 5 small caves. very secluded and minimal people. The water was about 65 degrees and contained several shades of blue. I cannot stress the visual beauty!

We shot for about 2 hours. Joshua is very proactive and time efficient. Within 24 hours I started receiving my final images, which is almost unheard of due to the lengthy image upload/ processing steps and editing time. I was more than pleased with our work together and am excited to work with him again in the near future!

Keep and eye out for more of our work!


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